Myofascial cupping can be beneficial for muscle pain and tension, it can help you recover from high intensity training. It is combined with sports massage and stretching to get the maximum effects.

Traditional myofascial cupping focuses on muscles and fascia, the cups are placed on the skin and using a suction gun the tissues are lifted and stretched up. This lifting of the skin help decompresses the soft tissue beneath. Often following this treatment, the area often has some discolouration of the skin where the cup has been, the darker the mark the greater the tension, congestion and imbalance is present. Myofascial cupping is great to enhance circulation, stretch and desensitise painful trigger points.

The cups stretch the tissue which helps increase range of motion, the increase of circulation optimises the delivery of nutrient blood to tissues this also increases the tissue temperature.

The following conditions can be helped with myofascial cupping;

• Sciatic pain

• ITB syndrome

• Back pain

• Scoliosis

• Sports injuries

• Muscle tightness

• Bursitis

Pricing Section-

1hr £40

30mins £22


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