Kinesio taping can be applied to any injury or problem, it can reduce pain, optimise muscle function, reduce swelling and be applied post operatively to help regain function.

Unlike traditional taping, kinesio tape support muscles, ligaments, tendon and fascia without restricting your range of movement. You may find big bulky braces are uncomfortable when doing your physical activity or restrict you are work; this is a great alternative. All our staff are trained in using kinesio tape to ensure that the correct application is applied and you will get maximal wear time of the tape.

Kinesio tape can be worn up to 5 days in a row, you can swim and wash normally with the tape on. It is comfortable to wear; it is latex free and hypoallergic. Following an examination and assessment we apply the tape to help you between treatment sessions, although it may feel like a quick fix, this treatment modality will assist you to complete the necessary rehabilitation before we see you again.

Kinesio tape can help the following conditions;

• Achilles pain

• Lower back pain

• Patella tendinopathy

• Tennis elbow

• Carpal tunnel

• Hip pain

• Calf tightness

• Poor posture


If you are suffering from an injury or have pain, please book an injury assessment session and if we think you would benefit from kinesio tape this will be applied as a complimentary service.

Pricing Section-

If you would like us to teach you how to apply the tape;

30min for £22

We also sell rolls of kinesio tape in our clinics for; £7.99


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